This is a theme based site dedicated to the writer I am most passionate about: J.R.R. Tolkien.

I’m not a post-films fan. My love with Tolkien’s writing goes back to when I was fifteen. That is… a long time ago.

April 2018: The Start – My plan for the site is still roughly sketched. There are pages exclusively dedicated to Tolkien and his writings, while other content may cover scholarly writings about the Professor. There are pages about my own poetry and writing inspired by Tolkien and Middle-Earth. Finally there is a section called ‘Project 1992’: here I will publish some of the research I’m carrying out with regards to how Tolkien was remembered in Italy in 1992, the centenary of his birth. This project is very close to my heart because I hope to be able to contribute to the vast amount of existing and ever increasing writing about Tolkien, by way of a small memoir about some of the events I was involved in 1992 in Italy.