Project “1992”

What happened in 1992 in Italy? How was Tolkien remembered on the 100th anniversary of his birth?

According to the Italian press there was a one day conference in Bologna in November 1992, nothing more. Very few people know that a group of young students started the celebrations very early in 1992 with a Catholic Mass in memory of Professor Tolkien on 3rd January in Sanremo. Later in the year, on 6th August, the same group organised the Tolk-Con, which was more than a congress, it was a day of celebration for the Maker of Middle-Earth. 

Subsequently the conference minutes were published and contained a memory written for us by Priscilla Tolkien about her visit to Italy with her father in 1955. 

Now, thanks to Lo Studiolo editions, I hope to bring the memories of that year back to life and to let everyone with an interest in Tolkien know how he was celebrated and remembered in Italy in 1992. My gratitude goes to the team at Lo Studiolo for agreeing to publish my memoir/research when completed in 2019.